A good colleague and friend recently retired so I made this sculpture for him to mark the occasion.
He is now spending most of his time hiking over the Swiss Alps.

The glass and base belonged to a clock which I found out abandoned on a street corner.
I engraved the glass with rising musical notes.
The sculpture was self hardening clay which was very difficult to work with. I painted that to get this bronze effect.




Gaza strip

Ramin Tork:

My conceptual art work. Title: Gaza strip, the blood that is sanitized and hidden away from the eyes of the world. Material: An Always brand heavy period sanity towel. It seems appropriate to publish this once more as I’m confident that I would publish it many times!

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Gaza strip

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I thought this was a good conceptual representation of the Gaza strip.
It was my critic on how we have got used to seeing blood from certain regions being sanitized, and very quietly put away in the daily News and our lives. It is like if we see it on the news we might say Oh its Gaza again.

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Water lilies – oil. alla prima painting at the Botanic gardens near my house

Title: Unwritten letters


abstract painting, oil on canvas

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