Minimalist design Of Iranian TV, Cinema and Radio

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Minimalist design, a set on Flickr.

Now that I have finished the series, here they are in one place.

Mehdi Meshki va Shalvarak dagh (Mehdi the black and the red hot pants)

Mehdi Meshki va Shalvarak dagh by doodle_juice
Mehdi Meshki va Shalvarak dagh, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

A commercial close to grind-house films. These were made in big batches for the general public. They had a mix bag of comedy, family honour, romance and light hearted violence. naser malek motihi who was the lead role usually played these tough guy, man of the neighbourhood type characters but later proved to be a serious competent actor in some of Iran’s classic films.

Raz Derakht Senjed (The mystery of the Russian olive tree)

Raz Derakht Senjed by doodle_juice
Raz Derakht Senjed, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

This was a commercial comedy starring the popular actor Fardin. It was a situation comedy in which a tree “Russian olive tree” had mystical romance powers. Fardin played in many of such films. this category of films were very close to style of Bollywood Cinema i.e. a variety of comedy mixed with song and dance. Although the name of the tree in the west suggests a Russian origin, it is actually a common tree in Iranian culture and its fruit has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.


dashakol by doodle_juice
dashakol, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Based on a Novella by Sadegh Hedayat who was Iran’s most prominent modernist writer. The film stayed mostly faithful to the fiction but had some adaptations. This was a story of a middle aged respected figure who is left as a trustee of a friend’s estate, as well as the guardianship of the daughter of the deceased. He falls for the young woman but because of honour fulfils his role as a godfather and arranges her marriage but the fire of love torments him and he starts drinking to sooth his pain. His only companion is a parrot that hears his love confessions.
It was well acted by Iran’s most notable male actor behrooz vosooghi and one of the great directors Masoud Kimiai

Aghay Haloo (The simpleton)

aghay haloo by doodle_juice
aghay haloo, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Translated as Mr Simpleton, this was an early Iranian new wave cinema and a black comedy. Played by Art cinema and theatre actor Ali Nassirian, the film was made by Darius Mahrjoobi who made Ghav ( The cow) and by doing so started the new wave cinema of Iran. The story is about a man who travels from a city to the Capital to find a suitable wife, and when his luggage is stolen he meets and falls for a girl who later gets him into questionable financial transactions, and turns out to be a working girl in what seems like a brothel. Heartbroken the man who is beaten up by the girl’s pimp/boyfriend returns home. The film represented the cultural gap that had emerged between traditional and modern Iran.Nassirian played in many films that dealt with this theme and other social issues such as the gap between classes and the rich and the poor. To make this poster I used question marks to represent his lack of knowledge and gullibility, I used them to make a flower bouquet to represent his questionable tactic of searching for romance.


Hamsafar by doodle_juice
Hamsafar, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

A popular and commercially successful film, Hamsafar had two of the most popular Iranian Artists i.e. Googoosh and Behrooz Vosooghi who were also for that phase a real life couple playing the lead roles.

The story was about a young rich girl being deceived in love, running away and then in a situation comedy a rugged hero is commissioned to find her. In the process class barriers are broken and they fall in love.

Hamsafar means fellow traveller.

kaf show

kaaf_show by doodle_juice
kaaf_show a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Minimalist posters for Iranian 70’s TV Cinema radio


golha by doodle_juice
golha a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Golha, literary means flowers in persian. This was a very popular Iranian radio program that played traditional Iranian music from the master.

Black swan posters


I went to see Black Swan last night. Everything about the film was fantastic. Natalie Portman gave a great performance, and she was very seductive. The film was stylish, good directing, great script and good supporting roles from Mila Kunis, and Vincent Cassel who played the carefree spirited dancer and the egocentric, narcissistic director.
It was a real treat. I think Hollywood must have finally realized that the formulated rubbish that simply gets you to buy the ticket but leaves you with a bitter after taste can only generate so much revenue and this film was more in the direction of art and European Cinema. A good human story and a personal trauma of a competitive Ballerina was beautifully put on screen, and having Natalie Portman looking gorgeous and stepping from a frigid dancer to an out of control woman with casual sex and lesbian dreams only added spice rather than exploit the story telling.
Finally, apart from everything else including the casting, and costumes being great I thought the publicity was excellent too. Look at these four posters designed by the London based studio LABOCA. They are in the Russian Constructivists style. I think the designers must have gone to the same awesome Tate Modern exhibition that I went to a few years a go ( Alexandr Rodchenko and Liubov Popova)

Shahr gheseh



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Minimalist posters for Iranian 70’s TV Cinema radio

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