Googoosh: Mano Gonjishka

Googoosh is the most famous Iranian singer/actor. She started as a child actress and soon became nation’s sweet heart (in Iran).
She reached her height of fame in 1970s and had become well known outside Iran in Middle East and central Asia.
After the 1979 revolution, she remained in Iran till 2000 and like an urban legend people wondered about her life away from the limelight.
Stunningly beautiful, with a velvety voice and superbly talented in her stage presence she has remained popular with many generations of Iranians. Part of her popularity is down to the fact that she epitomizes the modern Iranian woman, i.e. some one who is beautiful, intelligent, talented and seductive.
politically, she has been a supporter of the Iranian Human rights movement, accusing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of stealing the election and supporting the protesters who have been jailed or killed.
Her earlier life was typical of a pop icon i.e. she had many relationships, marriage and divorces with famous actors, record producers and film directors.
This particular video also features the renowned dancer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam who is an Iranian modern dancer based in Paris.

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