Fancy bumping into you again Professor Hawking

220px-Stephen_Hawking_in_Cambridge by doodle_juice
220px-Stephen_Hawking_in_Cambridge, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Living in Cambridge, we’ve bumped into Professor Stephen Hawking a few times.

Often wheeled around by his family, from the side he is like any other wheelchair bound individual, with one exception that you are seeing a living legend.

Two nights ago, we went to see “Beautiful lies” in Picturehouse Cinema. Being in a hurry as soon as the film finished we tried to do a quick get away, only to find that a wheelchair had beaten us to the door. My daughter held the door so that the chair could be maneuvered out. It was Professor Hawking.

It was a surreal moment!

Then his companion asked “did you enjoy the film?” and in that magic electronic synthesized voice he answered “very much”.

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