Fxxk You Mother Fxxker ( suqare Kufic)

fu by doodle_juice
fu, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Another from my DaGod Series. This is a protest against vulgarity of pathetic ideas that to me are worst than profanity being uttered in the name of religion.

I invented DaGod as a derivative of DaDa style. Becomig tired of many self imposed orientalists style of Iranian Art that often have an outward look towards the West, I adapted DaDa for the modern day as a protest against the harm done by fundementalist religions. DaDa itself was an anti Art movement against War.

Unlike other Art, and similar to DaDa, DaGod often carries a lot of humour. It is meant to be unasumming, and certainly not pretentious, to the point that I don’t even spell check my presentations of it!

It is actually for communities such as ours who have been bitten by the affliction of religious fundementalism or at least con Artists corrupting the pillars of our society.

I would welcome other Artists adopting the same style. I would welcome (Iranian or not) Artists to drop the mentality of putting themselves on a top shelf like a trophy and come down to Earth, be less serious and use fun and humour to convey their Art to their own community.

Nina Simone/ Feeling Good

Ship Wreck

Ship Wreck by doodle_juice
Ship Wreck, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

House paint.

I was suppose to clean the garage, my mind drifted and I went to paint this painting on a wooden panel. The style of painting itself is suppose to reflect the rusty ship wrecks.

Alicanti girls in a traditional constume competition

DSC03873 by doodle_juice
DSC03873, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

This costume competition was organized by a local paper whilst we were in Alicanti last year.

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