The traveller

Arriving from Luton airport, I walked through long corridors, stood in many queues passed the Passport control.
I took the coach and going through the town I could see the same H&M eye catching Swim wear posters that you see in every city in Europe. I smiled as I reached the familiar landscape of my home village.
She was standing by the door, with a big smile, I didn’t have to ring the door. I came in and hugged her for five minutes. Then my baby arrived, well she is 16 but still my baby! and I hugged her too. Dinner was ready for me but they had eaten. A nice cup of tea afterwards, and we watched recorded episodes of Dr House, and one episode of Graham Norton and then we went to bed. The next day I started revising English with my daughter. I read all her GCSE revision poems and short stories. We read “Miracle on St. David’s day” by Gillian Clarke, read “The Barn” and “Death of a Naturalist” by Seamus Heaney. What a delight. Isn’t it funny why such pleasures seem like a chore when you are a teenager?
The next few days were similar, we just enjoyed hanging out together. I did some gardening, there is such a pleasure in burning leaves! Why do we make life so difficult when simple things can bring such Zen like pleasure?
Episodes of In treatment was saved for last. A few phone calls here and there and catching up with paper work, and before I knew it the long weekend was gone and I was standing again at the bus stop waiting for my coach back to Luton. The coach was late, she stood there for fifteen minutes to watch me go. A replacement service was there, a young nervous driver explained that the regular coach had broken down. He was lost a few times and the other passengers were getting nervous about being late for almost 45 minutes.
Got on the plane and a draconian flight attendant told me to unbuckle my safety belt because the plane was still refuelling.
Back to Zurich, and a ride on the electric tram which has images of Heidi throwing you a kiss, followed by cow bell sounds.
I came back to my service apartment, put the frozen food that she had lovingly prepared and defrosted one and ate it.
Started blogging, and kept myself amused. A few weeks of this and I don’t want to spend a day away from her, ever!

It is past midnight and she sends me a message on Skype  “Its lateeeee!” she worries I might lose sleep and have to go to work, so I’m going to bed. Good night.

Googoosh: Mano Gonjishka

Googoosh is the most famous Iranian singer/actor. She started as a child actress and soon became nation’s sweet heart (in Iran).
She reached her height of fame in 1970s and had become well known outside Iran in Middle East and central Asia.
After the 1979 revolution, she remained in Iran till 2000 and like an urban legend people wondered about her life away from the limelight.
Stunningly beautiful, with a velvety voice and superbly talented in her stage presence she has remained popular with many generations of Iranians. Part of her popularity is down to the fact that she epitomizes the modern Iranian woman, i.e. some one who is beautiful, intelligent, talented and seductive.
politically, she has been a supporter of the Iranian Human rights movement, accusing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of stealing the election and supporting the protesters who have been jailed or killed.
Her earlier life was typical of a pop icon i.e. she had many relationships, marriage and divorces with famous actors, record producers and film directors.
This particular video also features the renowned dancer Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam who is an Iranian modern dancer based in Paris.

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