Khomeini’s apathy immortolized

Malignant psychopathy by doodle_juice
Malignant psychopathy, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Another work from my DaGod invented school.

I made ths sculpture from foam card which I carved then painted gold and then created it in a expanding foam frame and named it “Malignant psychopathy”.

Iranian regime started with those immortolized answer to a question. When Khomeini was asked “How do you feel about going home after all those years of exile?” He responded: “I have no feelings.”

It was this vacuum of compassion, this lack of bond with one’s nation that was to infest the theocracy of the Iranian society for the next 32 years, then again the theocracy are renowned traitors and have always acted on self interest rather than for the benefit of the society.
The expanded foam is suppose to represent clotted blood that hides the inner geometric shape i.e. the shape of symmetry and order that was once the refined image of the Islamic civilization.

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