German neighbour


German neighbour

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There is no minimum age for being an Iranian man. This is a drawing of our gorgeous German neighbour back in AmirAbad, Tehran. I was five but I would still light up when she was around. I decided to draw her as a five year old would just as I remember her, always walking her cute dachshund puppy around the neighbourhood .
She must had been in her early twenties and always wore a mini skirt which was typical of the 60s. She was the wife of the young Dr next door and after a few month she started going round the neighbourhood talking to people and trying to learn Persian.

At the time, It had been a year that Mum had walked out on Dad and Dad was trying to make it as a single parent.
A very hot German neighbour coming for regular visits, sitting on the low sofa and crossing her legs in a low cut mini skirt did not make it easy. Dad is a decent man, he is not a traditional man and certainly not religious but he had no choice but to stare at the carpet. I didn’t! That was one of the perks of being a five year old.
I can’t remember what happened to the couple, but I do remember that she was no longer there and the neighbourhood was never the same.

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