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During the years of living in Clays Lane, East London when our flat was like a centre for Artist friends, as one of many talented people we got to know Behzad.
In those days Behzad did many things. He played the setar, was good at calligraphy and also did acting.
We did a Golamreza Saedi play called “Dictation”. He was playing one of the teachers and I was the bad student made up like a tortured political prisoner. I used to do photography in those days and did a series of B&W photos for the play which still sit somewhere in my attic.
Behzad once did a big favour for me. I was the president of the Iranian society at the Metropolitan University London, I had organized a party of 200 people and we did not have a band for our Nowrooz party. Nor did he have any money. He generously came and played setar and brought someone to play tombak and livened up the event. It was a big event so he basically saved us. As my flatmates moved out and I moved out of London I lost touch with many friends but I’m glad he is doing well. Not many of us are so lucky to be doing something we love and be so good at it.

Tron (Legacy)

I went to see Tron (Legacy) last night. I saw the original back in 1982 and I was blown away by the 3D graphics  ( so much so that I wanted to become a 3D animator, but my life took on a different path).

The film was visually beautiful but the story line wasn’t that brilliant. I guess the same could be said about Tron (Legacy). The story line is better but once again the film falls short of being a fantastic movie. The sound track by Daft Punk was good.

Technology has moved on and when you have films like the Matrix setting the bar for Si-fi, it is difficult to be dazzled by the Tron movie.

So my rating: Good and worth seeing if you are a si-fi fan but don’t expect to be blown away by it.

Blu animations

These are the ultimate in street Art and doodling in 4d space-time.

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