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Marble sculpture of a wing and flag of Iran, which describes fleeing from that country and living in diaspora.

I was desperate to get a good piece of stone to carve, being a new medium I hadn’t realized how expensive a piece of stone for carving can be. So I went to the garden centre and picked up a big marble rock for 5 pounds. I took it home and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t even put a dent or a scratch on it. I took out a rotating cutter which fitted on top of a drill and started cutting. Next thing I know a flying sharp object is flying an inch from my face. It almost put a big cut on my face instead it flew over and hit the double glazed patio door. So my other half was cleaning the window the other day and asked “do you know how we got this big scratch on toughened glass of the patio door?”

No dear, No. I don’t know. OK just kidding I told her what happened but I didn’t say the damn thing almost took my face off!

So I could have been sitting here and instead of blog name being doodlejuice I could had been Scarface instead.

I don’t know how I managed to get through a piece of that stone but I did get the wing out of it and the rest is sitting menacingly in the garden.

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